Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pompeii, Italy

On the way down the coast of Italy my tour group stopped in Pompeii to take a tour of the ancient city. Located at the base of Mt. Vesuvius the city is famous for how well it was preserved after the volcanoes eruption in AD 79 burried the city and most of its inhabitants. Today you can see the way ancient Romans lived by walking in to old storefronts, baths, homes and even brothels. The frescos on the walls have been well preserved and even plaster molds of bodies can be seen.

As is true with most touristy and well known places around Italy I found it rather underwhelming. The history of the city and how well it was preserved is fascinating but the surrounding area of Naples was filled with tourist hamburger shops and overall is the type of place I try to avoid while travelling. I would recommend it to visitors who have time to explore all of Italy but I would never suggest someone in a rush to see the south to take a day to stop in Pompeii.

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